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Website design services featuring mobile-first responsive theme implementation and easy-to-use back end control panel for clients to update and maintain a beautiful website with minimal costs. All standard features that one would want in a website are always included as part of the standard web package, such as mobile and tablet friendly designs, search engine optimization, user log in portal with various user access levels including editing privileges and user management. Additional customization will be added based on your specific site needs. Ecommerce, messaging systems, statistics gathering and tracking, etc. are all integrated into the core system as needed.

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It is actually very easy for the client to update and maintain the site after it is initially built. And getting started is as easy as sending a message from the contact page.

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Mobile Device Websites

responsive web design for all devices

2018 Websites better be mobile-friendly! How many people just got a tablet or bigger smartphone for Christmas? That means there are that many more surfers out there using mobile devices to look at your site. If I am browsing to your page to buy some product, and I find that I have to leave the comfort of my couch to make a purchase, I just might try going to another site that is mobile-friendly, so I can remain surfing on my tablet in whatever place I want to be.

Impact of an Updated Website

Some may say that your website is secondary to personal contact, and that is a very good point. Nothing is better than word-of-mouth to grow any small business, or to destroy any big business. So where does your website fit in? Its where people go to check you out when no one else is looking. This is a completely different experience than the face-to-face meetings we may have all day long. Your client will have an intimate experience with your website, while you are not around to explain yourself.. so you must be concise, and to the point....